Class 12th

Class 12 th mathematic will cover remaining topics of algebra, calculus such as matrices, determinants, continuity, differentiability, integrals and differential equations. Further you will also learn vectors and 3-D geometry here. In case you are in class 12 th and have just joined, it is advisable to go through the lectures of 11 th class a bit, to clearly understand the concepts and have a fair idea about the background, especially in calculus and relations & functions topic. Homework and quizzes are already there to pave your way.

Class 11th

Class 11 th maths is all about Sets and functions, Algebra, Co-ordinate geometry, calculus, probability. Sets and functions includes set theory and functions like, trigonometric functions and other general mathematical functions. Co-ordinate geometry is about straight lines, circles, conic sections, thee-dimensional geometry etc. Limits, continuity are part of calculus while in algebra we will get to know about sequence and series, binomial etc. So get started and practice quizzes to learn faster.

Class 10th